Tuesday, 25 March 2014

It was a bloody night in Taiwan on 24 March 2014.

via Ada Chou

Democracy melted down as the government of Taiwan cracked down the students occupying the Parliament & the Cabinet protesting against a trade pack deal signed with China in secrecy in June 2013.

Here in Australia "the Greens have been calling for the TPP text to be made public. We need to know how this agreement impacts us before it is signed. This would help ensure that our nation's biggest ever trade deal is not just for the special interests of the powerful, but is fair for all Australians."
(See http://greensmps.org.au/TPPA)

The students in Taiwan are demanding the same from their government, ie the bare minimum in democracy that we all strive for, Transparency, Equality & Justice.

The students have occupied the Parliament since 18 March 2014 and it is still continuing as the Taiwanese gov rejects all requests from the students, including one to establish a legal monitoring framework for all future cross-strait negotiations.

The students in Taiwan need your support.

❤️ Please watch this video and share to show your support in solidarity. ❤️

A plea from Taiwanese students:

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