Thursday, 6 March 2014

 Americans Are ~ Pentagon/Fukushima/Big Nuke ~   MilqueToasts, *Except Kevin Blanche*

Project Camelot: Jim Stone - Ex NSA Whistleblower

Obama's Clean, Green 2013 Fukushima Plumegate Machine II 


Clean, Safe, Fukushima Nuclear; Radioactive Fruits and Vegetables

Has Fukushima Popped Your DNA's Cherry, Yet?

"I have not seen anyone die yet from Fukushima..." and "I don't know anyone who has gotten cancer..." 

Both of those idiot, ignoramus statements ignore the obvious. Let's digress... 

Dr. Bein, as always keeps me somewhat grounded, logical and honest. Mutation pictures are, to the best of my knowledge, from Fukushima and surrounding area, past couple of years. In another life, I used plant hormones with names like B-Nine (kills cockroaches, that toxic), Giberellic Acid, Colchicine, Maintain A, Stop-Gro, indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), alpha-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA), etc. My initial and overall impression (Turtle, Tomato, Eggplants made lasting impression) is these are severe mutations. Most of the chemicals above can make mutations, which wear off, frequently. Truly perplexing to me is the severity of the mutations without plant death. Most agricultural hormones, if over or mis-applied, kill the plant. In the photos, one may guess the mutations were from still-alive plants. Would love to know if (Peach, Persimmon) the mutations did not wear off. Did the Turtle eventually have one forward-facing head?
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