Wednesday, 5 June 2013

281 Anti Nuke Gallery

Official 281 Anti Nuke Documentary teaser - Now on the festival circuit.
Controversial Japanese street artist, 281 Anti Nuke (Kenta Masuyama) is being called the Japanese Banksy. He splits his time between, Tokyo, London and NYC. His works have been featured in; The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times and Giant Robot. While he has been interviewed by Japan Rolling Stones magazine and the french news network Channel 24 (All between August & September 2012).
His works bring a message. When you see his works, like Banksy, it usually takes you a few moments to realise the true message of his works. However they are always based around politics and real issues of the time. 
Ai WeiWei, Banksy and 281 Anti Nuke are all trying to do the same thing. Creating awareness of an issue, through art.
Interview which aired on Channel 24 in France

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