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Extremely radioactive debris found on the top of reactor3 North side

Extremely radioactive debris found on the top of reactor3 North side, Tepco “Safely moved to the South side”
Posted by Mochizuki on May 4th, 2013 ·

On 5/4/2013, Tepco released the press release to announce they found the extremely radioactive debris on the top of reactor3.
At this moment, English version of the report is not published yet.
The debris was found in the North side of the top, where used to be the operation floor.
When they loaded it onto the remote controlling truck, they measured 540 mSv/h. However it is not announced how far they measured it from the surface of debris.
At 13:45, they regulated entering around the truck, but they moved the debris to the temporary storage facility of highly radioactive debris on the south side of the reactor building.
Tepco announced they are going to move it to the solid radioactive waste storage facility on the North side of the seismic isolation building within 5 days.

2013 年 5 月 4 日由望月

當他們裝上遠端控制卡車時,他們測量 540 mSv/h。然而它不多遠宣佈他們測量了它的碎片從表面。
東京電力公司宣佈他們要將它移動到北邊的隔震建築在 5 天內固體放射性廢物貯存設施。



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