Monday, 3 September 2012

Independent WHO

Real Voices from Medical Doctors 【5】

Why is the "Internal Emitter"(体内放射) concealed ?

The key is agreement between WHO and IAEA which prohibits disclose the facts without each other's consent.

This results in "UN powered horocaust" due to DNA's genomic mutation caused by radioactives.

Since this lasted so long time (since 1956, more than 50 years) some central people of WHO raised "Independent WHO" to reveal facts in public.

Dr. Michel Fernex (MD) one of the founder of Independent WHO why truth are concealed.

Key movie is " Whre's the truth? " (2004) which deals with WHO-IAEA conceal matter of 2001.(After 15 years of Chernobyl and the disaster of health was obvious at that time. This movie was introduced here again and again, here once more in comment.)

Shared from Chernobyl Children Fukushima Children;

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