Sunday, 23 September 2012

Fukushima Shadow: Question about any medical issues in Koriyama-city:

Excerpts from the Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial gathering held in Tokyo on September 14, 2012

Question about any medical issues in Koriyama-city:

A man’s comment

“I am here from Yokohama.  I was diagnosed with arrhythmia one year ago at a check-up.  This spring I was told my EKG was abnormal.  Also my red blood cell and white blood cell count was abnormal, but the doctor told me it was no big deal and I was working too much.  I actually don’t work.  Also my right little fingernail split in half recently.  Something like this has never happened to me before, and I don’t feel good about it at all.  One more thing is that my tooth cracked when eating something hard.  I realize I can’t blame everything on radiation, but I don’t feel comfortable with any of these (symptoms).  How is it in Koriyama?  Are there abnormalities such as arrhythmia?”

Koriyama-city woman’s response

“Thank you for being here, everyone.  I would like to talk about what has been happening around me.  Last May, an aunt of my daughter’s friend, a woman in her early 40’s, was found dead of heart failure while waiting in a car for about 15 minutes when her husband went into a store to pick up something for their restaurant business located in front of the station:  They had gone to the neighboring Ibaraki Prefecture for an errand.

Last May or June, a woman in her early 40’s, an evacuee from Tomioka-machi living in a temporary housing in Koriyama-city, dropped dead when she touched a door.  She was taken to Southern General Tohoku Hospital in Koriyama-city, but she died.

Also you might have heard that two to three Fukushima high school students have died.  The one that died in July is a friend of a son of my acquaintance.  They went to the same elementary school, but they are in different high schools.  When the mother went to wake up the child, the child was already dead.

There is a place called Shinobuyama (in Fukushima-city) where an ambient radiation level is very high. (Note: 1.484 μSv/h on September 18, 2012)  Fukushima high school students go there to do sports without wearing masks and also commute to schools on bicycles without wearing masks.

Also it might be from aging process, but my acquaintance’s huband died last May, which I didn’t know until the end of the year.  I went to the altar shop 

near my house to buy incense sticks and candles.  The old man at the shop came out and said, “I just went to a funeral and I am totally astonished.  A 48-year-old son of the greengrocers across the street suddenly died of heart failure.”  Also it might be the aging process or the stress, but since the earthquake up to the end of last year, seven people died on this particular shopping street.  This May my acquaintance’s husband died at age 74.  That’s all that happened around me.” (keep reading

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