Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Enough radiation to cause a ” global life extinction event” sits precariously in a cracked pool. What can you do?

MAIN STORY< READ FIRST (takes 10 minutes). More high resolution photos courtesy of Air Photo Service Co Ltd. Japan here. This shows reactor 4, the roof  blown off not because of the tsunami, but because of an inherent flaw in the design of these GE mark 1 reactors (see post on this). Hydrogen gas collects and with no safety escape, it causes a massive explosion, resulting in the situation above; a fuel pool with no containment, but directly open to the environment, 100 feet in the air, the crane fallen into the pool, the building about to collapse, walls buckling, support columns sheared, unapproachable, unresolved,  & unreal. The US has 23 of these, and some are MUCH larger than Fukushima no. 4.

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