Sunday, 26 August 2012

Earthquake leaves 30-mile smoking crack

From 1887 -- During Monday night last, a dastardly attempt was made to set the town on fire. Fortunately the flames were quickly discovered by Alfred Graham, who gave the alarm and seized a bucket of water just as the flames began to take hold of the back part of Sun Lee's Restaurant on Railroad Avenue. He was swiftly joined by others and the fire subdued. A man was noticed moving swiftly away from that area just before the flames were seen, but it was too dark for him to be identified.

The Town Council has appointed two committees, one to investigate who it may have been who poured and then lit the coal oil that started the trouble and the other to approach the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad to obtain permission to attach a hose to the company's water tank at the depot and to make inquiries as to the cost of the materials for building and equipping a Fire Department.

Ransom Post Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.), The Women's Relief Corps and the Sons of Veterans held a campfire on Thursday evening at the G. A. R. Hall. Two of the boys dished up pork and beans in regulation style, some interesting speeches were made and the old campfire songs were sung. A very enjoyable evening was had by all.

100 years ago
The reports about our earthquake coming in from around the countryside include black smoke arising and ash falling in the cinder country near O'Leary Peak that were thought to be from a volcano.
A hand from the Lockett Tank country came in saying that at the time of the earthquake, a huge volume of black smoke and fire came out of a new rent in the earth which is from a few inches to a foot wide and extends over 30 miles from Lockett Tanks to Coconino Mountain.
A shooting fray occurred on Railroad Avenue Wednesday about noon between Mert Linton, a bartender from Williams, and Emmet James a teamster. When the smoke cleared James had received three bullet wounds, none of which are considered to be of serious nature. They had quarreled over a small debt. Witnesses state that, first, James drew his gun, then Linton pulled his revolver and fired the three shots that lodged in the body of James.

75 years ago
County Farm Agent C. G. Lueker says tha,t with proper precautions, potatoes can restored as a successful crop in this area. The psyllids that have ruined the crops can be brought under control with a spray of one part lime sulphur and 40 parts water, with 125 gallons being sprayed to the acre.
Although there have been numerous lightning-caused fires this week, none has caused concern, there being enough moisture to keep them from spreading rapidly.
With plenty of summer rain and no immediate need for reservoir water for lawns and gardens, the City Water Department has discontinued summer water rates. There are slightly over 70 million gallons in the city reservoirs.

50 years ago
Joe Green, an ASC student and ground man with the Wright Flyte Service at the Airport ,who has just received his pilots license, took his lady friend Miss Nanette Van Sickle up for a pleasure flight Sunday afternoon. They ran into squally weather just west of the Peaks, were unable to gain altitude fast enough and came crashing down into a grove of aspen on the southwest flank of the Peaks shortly after 3:30 pm. They escaped serious injury. (keep reading ....

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