Saturday, 4 May 2013

Japan promises safety in building new nuclear plant

WTF? Japanese Abe promises nuclear safety in Turkey? ........$&-@#%<|*£¥!&%#!.......

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Japan's prime minister said Friday that his country has learned lessons from the Fukushima nuclear disaster and will offer the "highest level of safety" when it builds Turkey's second nuclear plant.

Turkey chose a Japanese-French consortium for the construction of a nuclear reactor on Turkey's Black Sea coast. An agreement was signed during Shinzo Abe's visit to Ankara on Friday.

Abe, speaking through an interpreter, told reporters: "We have carried our experience in nuclear security to the highest level through lessons learned from past accidents and risks."

Turkey's Energy Ministry said the country will begin negotiations with Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and France's Areva. The 5,000-megawatt capacity plant is expected to cost $22 billion and be operational in 2023.

Russia is constructing Turkey's first plant in Akkuyu, which will begin test production in 2019."HTTP://

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