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Nuclear Power is not safe. Chernobyl: the great cover-up

Nuclear Power is not safe

The Chernobyl Disaster showed the world the ugly face of nuclear power - the one the nuclear industry is trying to hide and the one opponents have been warning about for many years before the meltdown. Chernobyl should have been the turning point of the world's nuclear policy, yet it appears it was only the first major nuclear accident. Since then, several others have occurred in Great Britain, Germany, the US and Japan. None were of the magnitude of Chernobyl, yet according to scientists, the next accident is only a question of time.


車諾比災難向世界說明核電的醜陋的面孔, 核電行業試圖隱藏和崩潰多年以前一個對手一直在警告的。車諾比應該已成為世界核政策的轉捩點,但似乎只是第一次重大核事故。自那時以來,其他幾事故都發生在英國、 德國、 美國和日本。沒有量的車諾比,然而科學家們下, 一次的事故是只是時間的問題災難表明世界核電的醜陋的面孔之一核電行業正試圖隱藏和一個對手一直在警告的崩潰之前很多年。切爾諾貝利應該已經世界核政策的轉捩點,但似乎是只有第一次重大核事故。自那時以來,其他幾人都發生在英國、 德國、 美國和日本。沒有車諾比的量,然而科學家們, 下一次的事故只是時間的問題

The health effects of Chernobyl continue to kill and maim

The health effects of Chernobyl were not only limited to the immediate radiation of the local population, which was forcibly evacuated from the region within a matter of days or the population of up to 1.000.000 so called liquidators, young men ordered to clean up the nuclear rubble and risk their lives for the creation of a sarcophagus. The environmental destruction, the damage to the ecosystem, the effects of low-level radiation and the social and psychological impact of Chernobyl are not to be underestimated. Even today, low level radiation, ingested by the general population in form of food and milk, is causing malformation, mutations and cancer deaths, as well as countless non-cancer diseases in the affected populations. Due to genomic instabilities caused by radiation, the full effects of the accident will only develop within the next six generations, showing that Chernobyl is more than just a temporary accident. It continues to kill - every year.


車諾比對健康的影響並不只限于即時輻射對本地的人口,也就是被強行從該地區撤離數天或 達1.000.000 人口的所謂的清盤人,青年男子被下令清理核廢墟和石棺造成生命的危害。破壞環境,破壞生態系統、 低輻射的影響和車諾比的社會和心理影響都不能低估。即使在今天,攝取食物和牛奶的形式,人口的整體的低標準輻射導致畸形、 基因突變與癌症死亡人數,以及無數的非癌症疾病受到影響的人口。由於輻射引起的基因組不穩定性,事故的全面影響將僅發展內的下六代,顯示車諾比不僅僅是暫時的事故。它繼續每年造成死亡。      (keep reading....


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The World Health Organisation and nuclear power

For 50 years dangerous concentrations of radionuclides have been accumulating in earth, air and water from weapons testing and reactor incidents. Yet serious studies of the effects of radiation on health have been obscured – not least by the World Health Organisation.
by Alison Katz
In June 2007 Gregory Hartl, World Health Organisation (WHO) spokesman for Sustainable Development and Healthy Environments, claimed that the proceedings of the international conference held in Geneva in 1995 on the health consequences of the Chernobyl disaster had been duly published (1). This was not so. And the proceedings of the Kiev conference in 2001 have never been published either. Challenged by journalists a few months later, the WHO repeated the claim, providing references to a collection of abstracts for the Kiev conference and just 12 articles (out of hundreds) submitted to the Geneva conference.
Since 26 April 2007 (the 21st anniversary of Chernobyl), a large placard has informed WHO employees each day that one million children in the area around Chernobyl are irradiated and ill. IndependentWHO, the group organising the action, accuses the WHO of a cover-up of the health consequences of the catastrophe, and of failing to assist populations in danger.

The WHO, they insist, must end the agreement made in 1959 which binds it to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) (2) and prevents it from initiating a programme or activity in the area of nuclear power without consulting the IAEA “with a view to adjusting the matter by mutual agreement” (Article 1, Point 2).

Independence from the IAEA would permit the WHO to conduct a serious, scientific evaluation of the disaster and provide appropriate health care to contaminated people. A resolution to this effect is in preparation for the World Health Assembly in May 2008 (3) and an Appeal by Health Professionals has been launched (4).(Keep reading .....


 Chernobyl, Belarus has all the information Japan needs

Chernobyl Children Fukushima ChildrenI made this video : Sadly not enough views. People are sleeping. Big media is sleeping pill.
Belarus has all the information Japan needs.

My trips to Belarus in 2011 and to the W.H.O. / U.N. in Geneva. Belarus has all the information Japan needs - and still the belarusian government and the WHO...

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