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The “Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial Team” rejected a second time

Posted on 25 April 2013
The 24 June 2011, parents 14 primary school children in Koriyama City and antinuclear activists have filed a complaint to the District Court to demand their right to study in a healthy environment and thus to organize collective evacuation of children.
The district court rejected their request Koriyama the 16 December 2011.
The plaintiffs appealed to the end of the year 2011 High Court of Sendai.
The complaint asks the Government and the judiciary to take immediate steps to remove children from Fukushima collectively.
Details “save children from radiation”

25 April 2013 – See the reaction of one of the trial lawyers at the bottom of page

24 April 2013

The Sendai High Court has rejected the demand that the city of Koriyama, affected by the impact of the nuclear disaster 2011 evacuates his children.

The plaintiffs argued that the city of Koriyama before the legal responsibility to evacuate school children, to ensure a healthy environment.
The court recognized that the level of radiation in the city was higher than levels considered safe before the disaster. But the government does not bear the responsibility to evacuate the school as requested.
In practice this means the people from themselves if they feel worried.

Toshio Yanagihara, one of the lawyers said that the decision was unfair because “children are victims no responsibility for the nuclear accident“. This judgment is also subject to appeal.
Koriyama est une would 330.000 inhabitants about 60 Km west of the ruined reactors.
Thousands of children suffered from cancer after the Chernobyl disaster, but these cancers do not appear until several years.
It is not known whether children Fukushima are also subject to cancer, expensive le cancer ever since various causes, and radiation affects people differently.
Radioactive contamination is complex, not only taints the air, but also food, soil and water.
De nombreux habitants de Fukushima sont inquiets et ont déménagé.
La façon dont le gouvernement a géré la catastrophe de Fukushima a conduit à la méfiance du public.
Des milliers de personnes ont manifesté dans les rues, exigeant une élimination progressive de l’énergie atomique.
Le gouvernement a exprimé le souhait de relancer les réacteurs après vérification de leur sécurité.

Translation- résumé libre de l’article en anglais de l’ Asahi Sinbum

25 April

C’est sous-titré en anglais facile à comprendre.
J’esaierai de trouver le temps de faire une traduction en français

Collective evacuation means that the state organizes and finances the evacuation of populations.
To evacuate alone as proposed by the court, must have money, a trade, do not have too much debt on site; must also find a base, a housing, employment…. In addition there are family issues. In many cases, the mother and the children are gone and the husband remains in place because of his work. Those who stay with their children are often worried about their future; especially as the authorities hide the overall results of examinations of the thyroid performed.
The level of radiation considered internationally as “harmless” – or rather not too offensive- est de 1mSv/an (en plus du rayonnement naturel)
Le gouvernement japonais a décidé que les gens pouvaient habiter dans les zones à 20mSv/an
Le niveau naturel au japon est généralement inférieur à 0,10µSv/h.
0,10Sv / hour, cela fait 0,9mSv/an pour une exposition permanente.

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