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Uranium Mining India, The Story of Jadugoda

The Story of Jadugoda, the chief source of India's Uranium


Jadugoda, located in the mineral-rich Singhbum district of Jharkhand, is the chief source of Uranium in India, providing fuel for  the nuclear reactors. However, the uranium comes at a colossal human cost. In this case, those paying the price are adivasis (indigenous population), the Santhal, Munda and Ho tribes. Due to the proximity of the mine, a large number of villagers suffer from cancer, skin diseases, physical deformities, blindness, brain damage, disruption of menstrual cycle or loss of fertility. Villagers, evicted from their lands, work as miners and are exposed to a heavy dose of radiation. Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL), responsible for operating the mine refutes the allegations and refuses to acknowledge the problems. However, independent researchers believe that it is difficult to conceive of any reason, other than radiation, for the human and environmental catastrophe. This site has been created to provide a window to outside world to Jadugoda and its problems, a creation of our own. In the hope that those responsible for creating problems can also work towards addressing them.

Video:  Buddha weeps in Jadugoda


Kolsefan/Justice Kolse Patil

Jutice Kolse Patil who left the exalted chair of a judge from the Bombay high court in 1990 to work among the people is committed to free this country from the cannibal capitalists and thereby achieve complete independent from the evil forces. He is a man of great strength and vision. He completed his schooling in Ahmednagar and then transferred to the Poona Law College where he completed his LLB. Justice Kolse Patil specialized in criminal law. He was District Government Pleader and Public Prosecutor in Poona from 1980 to 1985. From 1985 to 90 he served as a Judge of the High Court. In 1990 he resigned from the High Court to serve social causes on a full time basis. He does not believe in being out of touch with people. Instead he travels around the country to uplift the downtrodden masses of the nation. He is a man of the people. Indians have great admiration for him. He truly believed that he could not rest until the last unfortunate human being has been helped. His personal desire for freedom from Capitalism and Brahmanism has restored a sense of pride among farmers, Dalits and minorities. He believes the exploitation and domination of one community over another can have no place in a multicultural and multilingual country.

He exhorts Muslims to come out of an illusionary world. The former judge attacks the well-entrenched Brahminism in India. He is not against any religion or its practices, he says: "When I say Brahmins I mean the mentality which has ruled this country for years. You have Brahmins among Muslims too. They don't want the underprivileged to get their fair share in the economy, he says. 

He unearthed the Hindu terrorists plans in Nanded and Malegaon. He was accompanied with the rights activists Teesta Setalvad, Arvind Deshmukh and others.

About Muslim Terrorism, he says Its complete injustice to one community, because whenever you catch any Muslim youth without any proof you start calling him terrorist but in the case of Hindutva militants BJP and other saffron fundamentalists openly support them despite the proof of their involvement in the bomb blasts in Nanded, Malegaon and other places. Also, he says covering up the incidents points to the deeper conspiracy. 

He says, Hindutva militants justify their terrorist activities with the help of the saffron press. They always accuse the government is anti-Hindu. Muslims killed in Gujarat, Sikhs killed in Delhi, Christian killed in Orrisa, is this anti-Hindu government? If it would be anti-Hindu government, then these acts would not have been perpetrated. In fact it is an anti-Minority government. Instead of implementing Sri Krishna Commission the government is diverting the attention of minorities by Sachar Commision. If the secular government is really serious to bring the goons of 1993 riots to the book, why the

implementation of the Sri Krishna commission is being delayed. He says, we can never believe BJP as it is controlled by RSS who have the honor of killing Gandhi.

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Justice B G Kolse Patil (C), along with Teesta Seetalvad (L) and Vaishali Patil (R) addresses an anti Jaitapur Nuclear power plant press conference at Press Club in Mumbai on Monday, May 16, 2011.- Salman Ansari.DNA
Letters to the Commissioners of Police



卡爾思帕蒂爾法官于 1990 年在人群工作從孟買高等法院離開法官的崇高的椅子, 致力於從食人資本家手中自由這個國家,從而實現完全獨立于邪惡的勢力。他是一個有偉大力量和遠見的人。他在亞美德納加完成他的教育,然後轉移到浦那法學院完成他的法律學士學位。卡爾思帕蒂爾法官專門在刑事法中。從 1980 年到 1985 年他是區政府請願人和浦那檢察官。從 1985到 90 他擔任高等法院法官。1990 年他辭去了高等法院擔任全職的社會原因。他不同意與人民脫節, 相反他環遊全國隆起的被壓迫民族的群眾。他是人民的人。印度人很佩服他。他真正相信他可以不休息直到最後一個不幸的人得到説明。他個人渴望自由資本主義與婆羅門教從恢復了農民、 達利特人和少數群體之間的榮譽感。他認為剝削和統治的另一個社會可以沒有任何位置在一個多元文化和多語言的國家。
他奉勸一個虛幻的世界中走出來的回教徒。前任法官的攻擊在印度根深蒂固的 Brahminism。他不是針對任何宗教或其做法,他說:"當我說婆羅門我意思的心態年統治了這個國家。你也有穆斯林的婆羅門。他們不想要的弱勢社在經濟中得到公平的份額,他說。
他出土的印度教恐怖分子計畫在楠代德和岡。他陪同與權利活動分子 Teesta 塞塔爾瓦德,阿爾溫德德希穆克和其他人。
關於穆斯林恐怖主義,他說其完整的不公正到一個社區,因為每當你趕上而無須證明任何穆斯林青年您開始叫他恐怖但 Hindutva 好戰分子在印度人民黨和其他藏紅花的原教旨主義公開支援他們儘管有其參與楠代德、 岡和其他地方發生炸彈爆炸事件的證據。此外,他說掩蓋事故點到更深的陰謀。
他說,Hindutva 好戰分子辯護的藏紅花新聞界説明其恐怖活動。他們總是指責政府是印度教。古吉拉突邦錫克教徒在德里,殺殺的穆斯林基督教在 Orrisa 中喪生,這是印度教政府嗎?如果這是印度教政府,然後這些行為會不犯。實際上它是一個反政府。而不執行斯里蘭卡 Krishna 委員會政府轉移的少數的薩查爾使命的注意力。如果世俗政府是認真的為什麼到這本書,使 1993年暴亂的流氓

斯里蘭卡 Krishna 委員會的執行受到拖延。他說,我們從來沒有可以認為印度人民黨,因為它由榮幸地殺害甘地的 RSS 控制。

司法 B G Kolse 帕蒂爾 (C),以及 Teesta Seetalvad (L) 和後帕蒂爾 (R) 位址反 Jaitapur 核電站運行新聞發佈會上記者俱樂部在上星期一 2011 年 5 月 16 日孟買。-薩勒曼 Ansari.DNA


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