Friday, 17 August 2012

“Complete Information Control”: Japan newspapers receive much frightening info that’s covered up — Some evacuees died from acute symptoms yet not reported — Journalists scared

According to the news received yesterday, 6 evacuees out of 10 from a certain area of Namiecho who relocated themselves in Yonezawa died of acute symptoms (it was said leukemia), and that horrified the remaining evacuees. They presented this fact to the administration and medias, however, the media didn’t report it at all. They said they are scared of the government.

Local newspaper companies receive tons of frightening information, however, all are covered up. After the protest that took place in front of the PM’s residence, Tokyo Simbun expressed its regret to be not able to report it. Tokyo Simbun is a conscientious company. What are the other companies doing?

Extracted from Mailing List of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster complainant. This document represents the actual situation of Fukushima. Majority are aware of the ongoing crisis. Complete information control is being carried out. My little brother is a local journalist of Fukushima, and he told me the government keeps a tight lid on information and it frightens him.


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