Tuesday, 10 July 2012

P.G.&E. proposes to erase Point Bushon “Marine Protected Area”

by David Gurney
In a bizarre footnote to the final implementation of the privately funded MLPAI “Initiative,” Pacific Gas and Electric Company has asked the California Fish and Game Commission for a “scientific collecting permit” to possibly “cleanse an extensive swath of the ocean – virtually sterilized of living creatures” (Comm. Richard Rogers) – within a “Marine Protected Area” off the Central California Coast.

After the Fish and Game Commission adopted the final North Coast leg of the Marine Life Protection Act “Initiative” in Eureka, California on June 6, 2012, the next item on their agenda was a request from P.G. & E. for a “scientific collecting permit” – to allow the blasting of 250 decibel air cannons, within the Central Coast’s Point Bushon ‘Marine Protected Area.’According to the P.G.&E. representative at the meeting, the proposal calls for a 240 ft. ship to tow a quarter-mile wide array of twenty 250 decibel “air cannons,” along a 90-mile stretch of California’s Central Coast. The cannons will shoot very loud underwater explosions once every sixty-three seconds, day and night, for 42 days and nights, beginning in September, 2012.

Once the shock waves kill or deafen everything in their path, from the surface to the ocean floor, they will penetrate some fifty feet into the earth’s crust, allowing scientists to map the newly discovered fault lines just offshore from the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.The Hosgri Fault, discovered in 1971, is an 87-mile strand of the San Andeas fault system that lies three miles offshore from the Diablo Canyon nuclear reactors and spent-rod cooling “ponds.” The faults discovery forced P.G.&E. to redesign the Diablo plant to withstand at least a 6.5 magnitude earthquake.But, according to the Southern California Earthquake Data Center, the Hosgri Fault is capable of producing a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, or greater.And the recently discovered “Shoreline Fault” is less than half-mile from the plant. Scientists fear that in combination, the Hosgri and Shoreline faults are capaple of producing a major “lateral slip/strike” quake of undetermined proportions. Since strands of the Shoreline fault possibly extend directly beneath Diablo Canyon itself, the resulting catastrophe could make Fukushima seem like a picnic.

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