Thursday, 12 July 2012

台灣完全不需要核電--核電發電能力只占全部的1成. OMG!

即使大飯核電重啟 52爐仍停機中


Q: as a result Japan still restart Fukui Oi nuclear power with a two-burner, not run counter to the road of nuclear waste?

A: indeed, the Japan small constituency system now is difficult to get political reflect national views, 80% national wants to scrap nuclear, but supports only 20% those are in order to listen to the views of practitioners, the consortium to finance the political, mercy of any interest group, makes people feel so helpless.

But on the other hand, Japan to restart another significance of two-burner, is reset for rate dependent 51% of Kansai Electric power, fearing power shortages this summer, while the other 52 furnaces around this summer will not restart, Taiwan media emphasized the restart only, and no mention of the 52 furnaces without restarting the important facts.

Locals swimming in the polluted ocean next to #1 Nuclear Power Plant, Taiwan

Taiwanese locals swimming in the polluted ocean next to #1 Nuclear Power Plant
Japan 52 other furnace is determined without restarting this summer, and this power company area 52 furnace, in dependence on nuclear power up to two or three before the disaster, all over Taiwan, but regardless of which area, who does not want the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster occurred in his own country, therefore firmly opposed to restart, Japan this summer, the Government will not restart.
Anti Nuke protesters against Dumping Nuke Waste in Orchid Island, Taiwan
台灣核電發電能力只占全部的1成,而台電強迫大家用核電,但即使這樣,核電也不過占發電總量的16%,而台灣電力備載率高達24%~28%,環保團體精算甚至還高達30%,現在馬上廢核也完全沒問題,台灣完全不需要核電!......  (繼續讀)
Taiwan nuclear power-generating capacity is only 10% of total, and forced everyone to nuclear power, but even so, nuclear power, but also 16% per cent of total power generation, Taiwan Power rate up to 24%~28%, Green Group actuarial 
even up to 30%, now nuclear waste
also had no problem, Taiwan does
 not need nuclear power! ...... (Continue reading)

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